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How to find death information records
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In most jurisdictions recent deaths must be recorded by a government appointed authority or registrar. In New South Wales the records are maintained by the Registrar of Birth Deaths and Marriages. Retrieval of death information from the Registrar is subject to strict processes designed to protect privacy and enhance security. Nevertheless, registrars are a good source when you have precise search criteria and can comply with privacy policy requirements.

Burial (cemetery) and cremation authorities are also required to keep records of all services conducted.  In New South Wales the registers maintenance and access is prescibed under the Public Health Regulation. Burial and cremation registers are (ostensibly) public records, but ease of access varies according to the policies of each authority.

Finally there are online resources, from commercially motivated ones like  to "labours of love" like the Australian Cemeteries Website.

The CCA is attempting to implement a unified search engine for burial and cremation records, but in the meantime we hope the following links will be of  help to you:

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