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AEC Spatial Pty Ltd
27 Flamingo Key
07 5659 1358
0411 163 127
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Miscellaneous Information:

For more than 20 years, organisations across Australia have trusted AEC Spatial to deliver mapping solutions that complement the client's existing facilities and data.

As a leading provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GIS modeling, mapping services and GPS based data collection, we help you with your mapping requirements to deliver tailored spatially enabled mapping solutions.

We align our technology expertise, interests, and personality with clients' needs to ensure that projects are delivered in a manner that at the least meets and even exceeds your expectations.

As industry leaders in our field, we are constantly exploring new ways to deliver data for our clients, whether it is a desktop application or a web enabled mapping system, we strive to provide the best available.

Whilst our major focus is mapping cemeteries, we also specialise in the mapping of universities, theme parks and other boutique facilities, along with GPS based Asset Capture and Asset Mapping.


AEC Spatial is the leading provider of Cemetery Mapping solutions to the Australasian Cemetery Industry, and in conjunction with Third Party cemetery database vendors, we provide a complete Cemetery Management System.

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