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  • The editor used to create articles on this site supports "pop up" links. For example, when you click a link on a thumb nail image an article, the image can be made to display in a larger "pop up" media box. The plug in we use to achive this is the JCE Mediabox.


    Step by step of creating an external page pop up link

    1. Grab the URL (address link) of the document or page to link
    2. Create the link in your document in the usual way
    3. popup02
    4. Click the POP UP tab
    5. popup03
    6. Select JCE Mediabox Popups
    7. Optionally provide a TITLE and a CAPTION
    8. Set the media type to External Links/ iframe
    9. Click UPDATE or OK

    Save your document and test it on the front end or in preview.

    Step by step of creating an image pop up link

    1. Insert the image into your article in the usual manner. resize the image to thumbnail size
    2. popup04
    3. IMPORTANT!! - Copy the link text from the URL field to the clipboard!
    4. Set the image display size and click UPDATE or OK
    5. Right click the image in your article and select "Insert/ Edit Link" 
    6. popup05
    7. The URL should be the link to the image file. If you copied it to the clipboard as mentioned above, simply paste it into the field.
    8. Click POPUPS
    9. popup05
    10. Select JCE Mediabox Popups
    11. Optionally provide a TITLE and a CAPTION
    12. Click UPDATE or OK

    Save and test your article.

    Full MediaBox Documentation