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  • Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto, and then hitched a ride toward it.

  • Big-Lebowski-Scatter1.jpgAccording to a recent (UK) survey, almost 80% of those of us who wish to be cremated want to be scattered. That would equate to about 750,000 tonnes of ashes a year (each adult produces at least two kilos).  

    A UK centric article published in the Guardian offers some useful tips on where not and how not to scatter ashes. Images from a Big Lebowski scenegive further encouragement to be careful...

  • Broulee Memorial Gardens LogoWe are looking for a supplier of packaging/boxes for cremation urns.

    The last supplier we used is no longer trading and we would love to hear from other members what options they use for such packaging and in fact any contacts they may have.

    Please contact Michael Tattersall, Broulee Memorial Gardens & Cremtorium,

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  • podcast MobileWhen David Bowie died last year, he chose not have a funeral. Apparently he wanted to “go without any fuss” and had insisted there should be no public memorial. So instead he was “directly cremated” without friends or family in attendance.  As in life, Bowie was ahead of the trend. In the UK,  direct cremations are an increasingly popular option. Does the same apply here? 

    Listen on Radio 3AW


  • According to a report on the ABC Website a  Queensland mother has made an emotional plea for the safe return of her son's ashes, stolen during a break-in at a cemetery west of Brisbane.

  • otppClearly there must be sound investment opportunities in the crematoria and cemeteries industries; Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has partnered with British pension plan Universities Superannuation Scheme Ltd. to acquire the Westerleigh Group Ltd., a British crematoria developer and operator.

  • Connecting Directors reports that as the death toll from the novel coronavirus outbreak steadily increases in China, officials are swiftly adjusting death care practices to prevent further spread of infection. Elsewhere Chinese crematorium workers accuse their gorvernment of implementing "Draconian Measures" to deal with the outbreak.

  • New Delhi: Asian Age reports Identifying burning of biomass as one of the major sources of pollution in the city, the Delhi government said it has hired an agency to create engineering designs for creating non-polluting crematoria with smoke tappers.

  • Connecting Directors dot Com reports:

    “Experiencing the passing of a loved one at home had a profound impact my outlook,” explains Crowe. “Home is a place that is simultaneously mundane and sacred which helped normalize the idea of death. The Nourish series intends to recreate this experience of confronting mortality in everyday life.”

    Justin Crowe, Founder and Designer, Chronicle Cremation Designs


  • DIY Funeral 02Hamish Horne drew my attention to a Choice Magazine article on "Do it yourself funerals". .

    I had written on these matters some years ago, which didn't really resolve anything/ So I thought I might try again, if only to see if anything has changed. I'll focus on the NSW situation, but other Australian jurisdictions will probably be somewhat similar.

  • 2016 09 29 Living Legacy main pic resized for PM 955x537Living Legacy Forest treats cremated ashes so that they nourish trees.

    The concept of burying a loved-one’s ashes under a tree or flowering shrub isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

    Warren Roberts, founder and CEO of Living Legacy Forest, likens the alkalinity of ashes to caustic soda, saying the pH is so high that it either kills plants or hampers root growth.

    “At the moment, most people don’t realise that, and so with all good intentions they go into parks and forests and scatter their ashes,” he says.

    “Imagine if you put 3kg of oven cleaner on a tree. It is in no way good for the tree.

    “Even if you put the ashes in a biodegradable urn, the tree survives the ashes by growing away from it, or it just doesn’t survive in a lot of cases.”

  • – Armil CFS, CMC, Therm-Tec and American Crematory Equipment

    The Cremation Furnace report discusses details regarding development policies and plans, Cremation Furnace manufacturing processes, cost, price, revenue and gross margin by regions. Regional influence of Cremation Furnace market is based on import and export scenario of that region, Cremation Furnace production and consumption analysis of the region from 2013 to 2017.

  • 16/5 Samantha Court
  • Antim Udan Moksha AirportA crematorium with mammoth replicas of airplanes with terminal gates and announcements has opened up in India.

    Named 'Antim Udan Moksha Airport' or Last Flight to Salvation, the crematorium in Bardoli in the western state of Gujarat is quite literally the 'one-way ticket' to heaven.

  • cremation wood indiaIn a month, three Mumbai crematoriums will use agricultural waste instead of wood to cremate bodies as part of a civic body experiment aimed at saving trees.

    Teachers Colony in Bandra (East), Vaikunthdham Cremation grounds on Reay Road and the Gujarati Seva Mandal cemetery in Bhandup will use briquettes — agricultural waste compressed into blocks. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials said this will help save trees. “One body needs the trunks of two trees, which is nearly 300kg of wood. Once the tree is cut, it takes at least 15 years for it to regenerate — that is if it is replanted,” an official told HT.

  • Although they have an American (USA) focus, these two articles on Legacy do Com caught our attention:

  • cremation urnTIME (US) reports one out of every two Americans chose cremation over burial in 2016. According to newly released industry figures, the first time the cremation rate reached 50% in the U.S.The nation's embrace of cremation marks a dramatic change from previous decades. In the 1970s, the cremation rate was just 5%. It rose to 27.1% in 2001, but has nearly doubled in the years since. Last year the U.S. cremation rate was 50.1%, according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), and in 2015, cremation rates outpaced burial for the first time.

  • Imumbai-green-crematorium.jpg get a regular industry related news feed update from India. Occasionally there is a more optimistic report about cremation in the subcontinent: "This is one of the rare success stories. Less than two years after a determined lot of 150 Santacruz senior residents, upset at the civic body’s apathy in setting up the first-of-its-kind green crematorium, set off on their own, and have now managed to bring the project to its natural conclusion."

  • Resomator"No-flame cremations" with £300,000 machine at Black Country crematorium, says the Express * Star in the UK- A Black Country crematorium is set to get a new £300,000 machine, which uses eco-friendly chemicals rather than flames.