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    Australian Daily Funeral and Death Notices seamlessly combines links to online death and funeral notices in most major Australian newspapers.
    It's easy to view and search on computers and mobile devices.

    We now publish obituaries online at NO COST, with no limit on the number of words, and the option of attaching an image or photograph. Composing and submitting a notice can be done online through an easy to follow process.

  • BLOG: This is how I want to be dead...

    Interesting (I think) blog read from Richard Conniff(the author of House Of Lost Worlds: Dinosaurs, Dynasties, And The Story Of Life On Earth) in the Straits Times:

    richard conniff 200The funeral industry has endeavoured lately to give cremation a rosy environmental glow. There's lots of talk about recycling lightly singed titanium implants. In Redditch, England, the heat generated in a local crematory from the fat of the dearly departed now gets piped over - I'm not making this up - to warm the water in a town swimming pool. But the typical cremation still produces a disturbing mix of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. And somebody always gets stuck with the ashes.

    Anyway, the full blog articles is here.

  • Choosing a cemetery management system – 5 key considerations for smaller cemeteries

    Implementing a modern cemetery management solution can be a great investment in the future for your cemetery, but what are the key things to weigh up in making this decision? The core business of operating a cemetery is changing, with increased regulation, changes in community expectations, and advances in technology. Selecting the right solution that will help you to meet these changing demands is critical to keeping your cemetery relevant and equipped for the future.

    Here are 5 key considerations when choosing a cemetery management solution for smaller cemeteries:

  • Death Customs and Practices

  • Genealogy

  • Guardian: Isn’t it time to be grown up and stop saying we ‘pass away’? We die, end of story

    We put this up on Twitter today, but here it is again for those of you who are not following the CCANSW's Twitter feed (why not?) and may therefore have missed it,

  • Prague's Jewish cemetery to be digitised

    Skynews reports:

    One of Prague's most emblematic places, the Old Jewish Cemetery made up of 12,000 tombstones all crammed into a tight space behind two grave markers oldsynagogues, is being digitised in an effort to list all the people buried there.

  • Record keeping challenges for small cemeteries

    All cemeteries are required to ensure their historic and current records are maintained, managed and protected. These records provide a unique insight into the communities, culture and history around a cemetery. With the release of the revisions to the Cemetery and Crematoria Act – especially Part 4 – there are more specific requirements for record keeping

  • Registrars of Birth, Deaths and Marriages

    Registrar Fill In FormsRegister a birth, apply for a certificate, change your name or search your family history. The registration of births, deaths and marriages, changes of name, changes of sex, adoptions and provision of certificates is the responsibility of the state and territory governments in Australia.

    The following are links to the registrar's website in each state and territory:


    The conditions for obtaining information from each will vary, and each application you make will probably attract a fee.

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  • Talkfest: Mortality

    Host Hilary Harper and guests Sarah Winch, Efterpi Soropos and Denise Love discuss definitions of death, the best environments for death and how medical practitioners can work with spiritual and religious people to make deaths as peaceful as possible.