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  • Now I ain't makin' no excuses for the many things I uses
    Just to sweeten my relationships and brighten up my day
    But when my earthly race is over and I'm ready for the clover
    And they ask me how my life has been I guess I'll have to say
    I was stoned and I missed it
    I was stoned and I missed it
    I was stoned and it rolled right by
    I was stoned and I missed it
    I was stoned and I missed it
    I was stoned oh me oh my

  • The site provides links to relevant legislation guidelines, medical referee information for processing cremation applications, approved cremation forms, and guidelines for exhumation

  • Is it essential to use the services of a funeral director when a burial, cremation or other disposition of a deceased person needs to be dealt wit?

  • A new start-up company, eziFunerals is taking on funeral giants, InvoCare and Propel Funeral Partners by launching a new online funeral collaboration platform.

  • We put this up on Twitter today, but here it is again for those of you who are not following the CCANSW's Twitter feed (why not?) and may therefore have missed it,

  • FUneral Expo 2017 Homebush NSW

    Join the leading funeral industry suppliers from around the globe by exhibiting at the 2017 Australian Funeral Expo and expose yourself to funeral directors from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

  • There's an interesting opinion article over at Linkedin that's worth a read. Titled "An Open Letter to Funeral Directors - It's Time to Think About Going Out of Business",

  • Statement from Peter Gutwein, Treasurer, Governmen of Tasmania:

    Further clarification is needed regarding claims by the Anglican Church that it will charge up to $15,000 for the burial component of a funeral.

  • Police-question-mourners.jpgYears ago the Reverend Jim Hall, who conducted many funerals at the Wollongong Crematorium in the 70s to 90s, said to me a funeral was like a wedding. Both bring out the best and the worst in families. To prove Jim right, on the 18th November there was a punch up at a funeral in the UK. It put a couple of people in hospital. The melee has (alledgedly) now escalated to something  worse. Read on...

  • Benjamin Preiss writes in The Age "An apparent turf war has erupted over the right to cremate the state's bodies, with some private funeral operators wanting Victoria to follow other states and allow them to build and operate crematoriums."

    In Victoria only non-profit cemetery trusts, which are government regulated, can conduct cremations, meaning a cremation can cost more than double the amount charged in other states and some Victorian funeral homes have been sending bodies interstate to be cremated.

    One funeral company director said the lowest cost of a cremation in Melbourne was about $800, while there were options in South Australia for less than $400.

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     Stuff.Co.NZ has a review of a classic Anglo tragedy, perhaps satire,  about the funeral industry as observed by Evelyn Waugh in the mid 20th century USA. It is, of course "The Loved One", which follows the main character who has been left to deal with the funeral arrangements at Whispering Glades. With its highly manicured gardens and piped music, it offers the best of morticians and cosmeticians in a vast array of packages on offer for you to despatch your loved one fittingly.

    Whispering Glades is just as it sounds: plastic, shiny, sanitised and, well, ghastly!

  • live stream screenMany chapels here and elsewhere are putting in video streaming to send moving images of services out over the internet. But the Telegraph in the UK reports that

    ...the trend is dividing mourners, with almost 50 per cent saying they would rather not watch at all than tune in to an online broadcast of a loved-one's memorial.