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  • West Terrace Cemetery Olive Oil (click for larger view)Rarely thought of as a source of local produce, Adelaide Cemeteries Authority’s Robert Pitt wants you to think differently about cemeteries.

  • Robert Pitt

    A combined presentation with Mike Rusby.

    Since 1862, legislation regarding the tenure of cemetery interment rights (also known as leases, grants or licences) in South Australian has included provisions for, if not required, limited tenure. Traditionally metropolitan Adelaide Cemetery Authorities have adopted interment tenure periods of 99 or 50 years.

    While the automatic right to extend the interment right term exists, in the case where an interment right for a grave or ashes memorial site has expired, there is now a legislated process for Cemetery Authorities to attempt to contact the interment right holder, or family members.  If the Cemetery Authority is successful in contacting the parties, they are offered the option to extend or relinquish the interment right.  If relinquished, under current legislation, Cemetery Authorities in South Australia are able to undertake a ‘lift and deepen’ process which enables the grave to be made available for re-use.

    This presentation will provide some background to the ‘life and deepen’ process; how it is undertaken and how it supports a sustainable cemetery model via the ongoing provision of burial space in the metropolitan Adelaide area.

    Robert has been involved in the cemetery industry since 2001 and has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority since May 2010.

    Over the last seven years, Robert has led the State Government owned business through a period of organisational cultural change, rebranding and the enhancement of the four cemeteries under its care; Enfield Memorial Park, Cheltenham Cemetery, West Terrace Cemetery and Smithfield Memorial Park.

  • Innovation & Disruption.  In this session Robert Pitt will provide some insights into new and emerging technologies & practices in the cemetery industry.